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deductible assistance

Up to $1,000 in deductible assistance.

Free Estimates

Stress-free, hassle-free repair estimates.

Rental assistance

Rental assistance available and we will bring the vehicle to you.

Lifetime warranty

Satisfaction Guaranteed Lifetime warranty.

"Eddy picks up the cars and does the insurance claim pretty much for you & gets your car back within a week or two, all depending on your insurance and how fast they process the claim"
Jasmin Ramirez
Hail Repair made easy! They come to your house WITH a rental, and take up your car back with them no need to even leave your own home! The repair was on time and looked amazing! They even got me money back! I will never use another hail repair company ever! Highly recommend to everyone!"
Ariel Rosales-Bass

3 Easy Steps

1.Call Us If you've been hit by hail

2.We Will Help You File a Claim

3. We Will Get you a Rental Car

What We Do


You can turn to our family owned and operated automotive repair shop for a wide variety of services to take care of your car, truck, SUV or small commercial vehicle. If you’ve been hit with hail or just want a clean car, we do it all! 

What Our Client Say

“The entire team at Mr. Dentless were incredibly organized and efficient. They handled the process with the insurance company and made it very convenient for me the entire process, A-Z. I appreciated the efficiency and convenience!"

Daniel Diaz-Bravo

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About US

Everybody is sick and tired of filing hail claims. Let’s face it – people dread the insurance process. At Mr Dentless in Greeley, CO, we specialize in giving you peace of mind. The “new normal” is becoming increasingly difficult but we’re here to make your life easier. Insurance companies are now asking you to evaluate hail damage for yourself. There’s a reason you pay a premium, and it’s not to do their job for them! We work with all insurance companies and pride ourselves in handling the entire claims process from START to FINISH.

Mr. Dentless offers not only hail damage repair, but also car detailing, ceramic coating, auto paint correction, paint protection, and collision repair services!

You hand over the keys and we take care of the rest. We don’t work for insurance companies. We work for you. You can be sure the claim is being handled in your best interest while we hold the insurance companies accountable. 

Shop Owner from Greeley


Eddy is a small town guy from Greeley Colorado. He wants to help his local community members get past a difficult time. He knows that insurance companies take advantage of people. He won’t let them take advantage of you. 

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