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We are all about protecting the paint! After we have removed the hail damage on your vehicle we make sure to clean the vehicle outside as well as inside! Our Team at Mr Spotless can handle any of your detailing needs! Over all we have a combined 50 years industry experience.We use high quality chemicals and have narrowed down methods to effectively restore the surface level of your vehicles interior and exterior. We leave your vehicle Spotless! Our team of expert detailers offers services within a 60 mile radius of Greeley, Colorado!

INsurance is a Pain

Would You Like Assistance With Your Insurance Claim?

Filing a claim on your own can be a hassle. But the staff at our licensed and insured auto hail repair service can help you handle the claim from A to Z.

We’ll also make sure that you receive any benefits available through your insurance company, such as a complimentary rental vehicle if you have rental coverage.

Contact us now to make handling your insurance claim easier than you imagined.





Phone: (888) 320-8820

Email: eddy@mr-dentless.com