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At Mr. Dentless, we take  utmost pride in the auto hail repair of your vehicle while ensuring we MAINTAIN ITS VALUE.

We fix your unsightly dents PAINLESSLY AND PAINTLESSLY.

We specialize in returning your car back to its PRE EXISTING CONDITION, without having to replace any panels or use any paint.

We specialize in taking your auto hail damage claim from START to FINISH.

Mr. Dentless

Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is the preferred method of auto hail repair among all insurance companies! This eco-friendly method will save you time and money.

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Every vehicle repaired by Mr. Dentless includes a free basic inside & outside detail ($150 value) 

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Detailing also available in monthly service plans or individual basis. 

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We go the extra mile for your accommodations. Mr. Dentless offers free pickup and delivery with PDR services.


Do you have rental coverage? If not, we’ve got you covered! We will provide a rental for little to no charge, while we bring your vehicle back to new!

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Paintless Dent Repair


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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)


Conventional Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an eco-friendly method used to restore vehicles to their pre-existing condition. PDR can be used to remove ding and dents, hail damage and creases at a fraction of the cost and time.

To MAINTAIN THE VALUE AND INTEGRITY of the vehicle it is CRUCIAL that the paint and body panels REMAIN ORIGINAL. YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT! PDR uses technologies and specialized tools to repair body damage without replacing paint or panels. Conventional methods require after market parts and paint that will impair the integrity and value of the vehicle.

*PDR is the preferred method of hail damage repair among all insurance companies*

Hear is what they have to say:


State Farm


No, it is your right to choose the company of your choice. It is unlawful for your insurance company to you pressure you to use a company of their choice.

No. Hail damage is considered an ACT OF NATURE so YOU ARE NOT PENALIZED.

Adjusters CANNOT see 100% of the damage out in the sun without special equipment. To make sure 100% of the damage is accounted for, we take the car into our shop and provide a THOROUGH EVALUATION of the vehicle. We assess the damage PANEL BY PANEL under our specialized lights. If your adjuster did not account for any damage we make sure the insurance is aware of it. Rest assured your insurance will be billed for all of the damage and you will pay $0 OUT OF POCKET!

Adjustors use a PDR pricing matrix to estimate damage panel per panel.

Mr. Dentless you can trust our hail damage experts to file the claim for you. We know exactly what to say to ensure a much smoother and quicker process! We ensure 100% confidentiality.

If you feel confident filing the claim yourself, following the appropriate link below:

American Family Insurance



Liberty Mutual

Loya Insurance Group



State Farm

Mr. Dentless is a locally owned company with over 25 years of experience, proudly serving the northern Colorado area.

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