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Ceramic Coating

Protect Your Paint and Clean your car less. 


Most frequent questions and answers

As long as it’s done by a professional it is safe and actually protects your paint. It’s safe on clear-coats or paint and will no void any manufacturer warranties. 

Ceramic coating can last two to five years with proper maintenance. 

It is a Liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The Coating chemical bonds to the paint creating a layer of protection. 

Never wax again. Ceramic coating is an alternative to wax. 

As long as it’s done professionally it won’t crack or peel. Even in Colorado weather our work with stand some of the harshest conditions. 

The process takes 1 full day of work. We must first pre-prep the vehicle. Then we have to correct the paint until it’s perfect, with no swirl marks and scratches. Then we apply a solvent. Then it’s time to apply the ceramic coating. 

Add another layer of protection to your vehicle that is 3x-5x easier to maintain!

Your vehicle can be an absolute magnet for any dirt and dust that kicks up on the roadway. If you find yourself getting your car washed or detailed frequently, there’s a better solution to keep your paint in perfect condition.

You can hire Mr. Dentless Auto Hail Repair for auto paint protection services. We apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle.

The coating will repel:

  • Rain, which can deposit water spots
  • Mud, which can cling to your vehicle
  • Rust, which can stain your metal auto body
  • UV rays, which can fade your cars paint

Our licensed, insured crew uses only the highest quality products on your vehicle. We offer paint correction that will produce a showroom finish that is better than new.

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