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At Mr. Dentless we take upmost pride in repairing the hail damage of your vehicle while ensuring we MAINTAIN ITS VALUE.

We specialize in returning your car back to its PRE EXISTING CONDITION without having to replace any panels or use any paint.

To MAINTAIN THE VALUE AND INTEGRITY of the vehicle it is CRUCIAL that the paint and body panels REMAIN ORIGINAL. You only get ONE SHOT at the factory paint!

At Mr Dentless we fix your unsightly dents and door dings both painlessly and PAINTLESSLY.

No tricks, no smokes and mirrors. The magic is in the PRECISION TO DETAIL. Having over 15 years of expertise, our highly skilled technicians use specialized tools to carefully access the underside of panels and massage the dents out to its ORIGINAL CONTOUR.

Conventional auto hail repair methods can be very intrusive and excessive. More often than not, auto hail repair does not require conventional methods. Most hail damage can be REPAIRED EFFECTIVELY using solely paint less dent repair.

No shoddy paint
No aftermarket parts
No bondo
No Carfax hit
No insurance deductible.

Customer reviews

The entire team at Mr. Dentless were incredibly organized and efficient. They handled the process with the insurance company and made it very convenient for me the entire process, A-Z.
Daniel Diaz-Bravo
Eddy has worked on my family's cars with all the hail damage needs & it was a very easy process. Eddy picks up the cars and does the insurance claim pretty much for you & gets your car back within a week or two, all depending on your insurance and how fast they process the claim. He also cleans up your car and has it looking very nice and smelling good 🙂 10/10 - Very professional, nice, & updates you on what’s going on.
Jasmin Ramirez
Hail Repair made easy! They come to your house WITH a rental, and take up your car back with them no need to even leave your own home! The repair was on time and looked amazing! They even got me money back! I will never use another hail repair company ever! Highly recommend to everyone!
Billy Williams

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